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There are many things you should consider when trying to find the lowest airfare for international travel. Please remember these are only guidelines. Every airline and destination has different rules but don't worry. We will recommend options that could save you additional money.

Our primary goal is to find you the lowest airfare possible.

Minimum and maximum stay
Seasonal considerations (Low vs. High Season)
Days of Week
Advance Purchase
Additional Questions

Minimum and maximum stay

Just like published airfare, most discounted airfare also have a minimum and maximum stay requirements. Typically, airlines would require a minimum Saturday night stay or at least a 7 day stay for their lowest prices. For maximum stay requirements, it is typically 3 months or less. A very few airline do offer 6 months stay also for lower prices. If you want to stay longer, the prices typically go up.

Seasonal considerations (Low vs. High Season)

Most airlines have 3 main seasons for most their destinations. If you must travel during peak seasons try to leave before the season period begins. Since everyone else is trying to find the lowest airfare also and seats are limited, you have to purchase these tickets well in advance - Sometimes 3 or 4 months in advance.

Here is a typical breakdown of the 3 seasons:

Low Season:

This period typically begins the second week of January until middle of May and begins again in September until the end of October.

Shoulder Season:

Should season is usually the month of August, November and first week of December. Some airlines also offer Should season starting 4th week of December to 3rd week of January.

Peak season:

This period typically covers the summer and winter school vacations. Season usually begins Jun 1st until end of July and after 1st week of December to end of 3rd week of December.

Since every airline have different seasons for each destination, it is hard provide dates here. If you would like to know the exact dates for your destination, please contact us. We'll be happy to email you the information.

Days of week

Best days of the week to travel are Monday through Thursday. Some airlines may charge $25 - $40 additional for departure and return if traveling Friday - Sunday.

Advance Purchase

The best way to guarantee you will get the best airfare is by purchasing your tickets at least 2 to 4 months in advance. All airlines offer limited seats at lower prices. Once those seats are sold, the prices go up and they keep going up as more and more seats are sold. Buying airline tickets in advance gives you the opportunity to buy those tickets at lower prices. 

An example would be if you would like to travel during the Christmas period - purchase your tickets in August or September.
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Additional Questions (FAQs)

What are Consolidator Airline Tickets?

The Consolidator Airline Tickets are usually discounted airfares sold through airline whole sellers. These whole sellers usually have net fare contract or deeper discounts on published fares. We have partnered with these consolidators to offer our customers these discounted airline tickets.

How do I change or cancel my ticket?

Each airline has it's own rules and guidelines for cancellation or changes to an airline ticket. Generally you can follow this guideline:
  • You are allowed to make a change to your ticket before departure with a penalty fee.
  • You are allowed to make a change to your ticket after departure with a penalty fee.
  • You are not allowed to cancel or refund your ticket after departure - no exceptions.
Once we have booked your flight, we will provide you the penalties and restrictions with your price quote. You may also obtain the penalties in advance from us by email. Please make sure you read all the restrictions. Once you have purchased the tickets, you are agreeing to all rules and restrictions. If you think that you may need to change your travel plans, please consider buying higher price tickets with more flexibility.

Does ticket name have to match passport?

For all travel, the passenger name on the reservation must match exactly as on the traveler’s passport. Tickets are not transferable and no nick names are allowed. Airlines will not allow boarding if passenger name on the ticket does not match the passport.

Do I have to reconfirm my departure and return flights?

Please check with your selected airline for appropriate advice, but all return flights should be reconfirmed at least 7 days prior to your return.

What are the Ticket Terms and Conditions?

To receive special low prices, certain restrictions are attached to these discounted/consolidator airline tickets. Once your booking has been made and you have paid for your airline ticket(s), RESERVATION CANNOT BE CHANGED without large penalties (usually $350 or more depending upon the airline) and the ticket(s) are NON-REFUNDABLE. We recommend and it is your right to inspect the full text of each carriers terms at their respective ticket offices or an airport. For more information, we ask you contact the airline.

How do I need a Passport and visa?

If you are a US citizen, you can apply for a passport at your local post office. You can also click 'US Department of State' link to find locations. Please also check your destination country's foreign entry requirements by clicking 'US Department of State Foreign Entry Requirements' Please make sure you have all the right visas before you buy your tickets.

Do I need a visa to my destination or a transit visa if traveling via another country?

Please check your destination and transit country's foreign entry requirements at US Department of State Foreign Entry Requirements as well as the embassy of the specific country at State.gov. If you still can not find an answer, please contact your airline.

Where can I find airline toll-free phone numbers?

Aer Lingus: (800)474-7424
Aeroflot USA Reservations: (800)995-5555
Aerolineas Argentinas: (800)333-0276
AeroMar: (718)544-6333 or (305)871-4262
Aeromexico: (800)237-6639
Aeropostal: (888)912-8466
Air ALM: (800)327-7230
Air Caledonia: (800)677-4277
Air Canada: (888)247-2262
Air Caraibes: (877)772-1005
Air Charter Bahamas: (866)359-4752 or (866) 532-4752
Air China: (800)982-8802
Air Europa: (888)238-7672
Air Fiji: (877)air-fiji (247-3454)
Air France: (800)237-2747
Air Jamaica: (800)523-5585
Air Mauritius: (800)537-1182
Air New Zealand: (800)262-1234
Air North Airlines: (800)764-0407
Air Pacific: (800)227-4446
Air Sunshine: (800)327-8900
Air Tahiti Nui: (877)824-4846
Air Vegas: (800)255-7474
Air Zimbabwe: (800)742-3006
AirTran Airways: (800)AIR-TRAN (247-8726)
Alaska Airlines: (800)426-0333
Alitalia: (800)223-5730
All Nippon Airways: (800)235-9262
Aloha Air: (800)367-5250
Ambassadair: (800)225-9919
America West Airlines: (800)235-9292
American Airlines: (800)433-7300
American Trans Air (ATA): (800)225-2995
Asiana Airlines: (800)227-4262
Atlas Air: (800)462-2012
Austrian Airlines: (800)843-0002
Avianca: (800)284-2622
Aviateca: (888)477-8222
Bahamas Air: (800)222-4262
Bemidji Aviation: (800)332-7133
Big Sky Airlines: (800)237-7788
British Airways: (800)247-9297
British Midland: (800)788-0555
BWIA International: (800)538-2942
Cape Air: (800)352-0714 or (800) 635-8787
Cathay Pacific Airways: (800)233-2742
Cayman Airways: (800)441-3003
Cebu Pacific Airlines: (0)(632)636-4938
Chalk's Ocean Airways: (800)4-CHALKS
China Airlines: (800)227-5118
China Eastern Airlines: (800)200-5118
China Southern Airlines: (888)338-8988
Colgan Air: (800)428-4322
Comair: (800)354-9822
Condor: (800)524-6975
Continental Airlines: (800)525-0280
Copa Airlines: (800)359-2672
Crossair: (800)221-4750
Czech Airlines: (800) 223-2365
Delsey: (866)433-5739
Delta Air Lines: (800)221-1212
Egyptair: (800)334-6787
El Al Israel Airlines: (800)223-6700
Emirates Air: (800)777-3999
EVA Airways: (800)695-1188
Finnair: (800)950-5000
Frontier Airlines: (800) 432-1359
Garuda Indonesia: (800)342-7832
Ghana Airways: (800) 40-Ghana
Great Lakes Aviation: (800)554-5111
Great Plains Airlines: (866)929-8646
Gulf Air: (800)553-2824
Gulfstream Intl Airlines: (800)992-8532
Hawaiian Airlines: (800)367-5320
Horizon Air: (800)547-9308
Iberia: (800)772-4642
Icelandair: (800)223-5500
Indigo: (877)446-3446
Island Air: (800)323-3345
Japan Airlines: (800)525-3663
JetBlue Airways: (800)538-2583
KLM: (800)225-2525
Korean Air: (800)438-5000
Lacsa Costa Rica: (800)225-2272
LanChile Airlines: (800)735-5526
LanPeru: (800)735-5526
Leading Air Logistics: (800)552-5323
LIAT: (268)480-5625
LTU International: (866)266-5588
Lufthansa: (800)645-3880
Lynx Air International: (888)LYNX-AIR
Malaysia: (800)552-9264
Malev Hungarian: (800)223-6884
Martinair Holland: (800)627-8462
Mesa Airlines: (800)637-2247
Mesaba Airlines: (800)225-2525
Mexicana: (800)531-7921
Midway Airlines: (800)446-4392
Midwest Express Airlines: (800)452-2022
Miles Above: (800)469-6453
Nantucket Airlines: (800)635-8787 or (800)352-0714
National Airlines: (888)757-5387
New England Airlines: (800)243-2460
Nica Airlines: (800)831-6422 or (800)535-8780
North Vancouver Air: (800)228-6608
Northwest Airlines: (800)225-2525
Olympic Airways: (800)223-1226
Pacific Coastal Airlines: (800)663-2872
Pacific Wings: (808)873-0877
Pan Am: (800)359-7262
Penair: (800)448-4226
Philippine Airlines: (800)435-9725
Polish Air-Lot: (800)223-0593
Qantas Airways: (800)227-4500
Royal Air Maroc: (800)344-6726
Royal Jordanian Airlines (800)223-0470
Royal Nepal: (800)266-3725
Royal Tonga: (800)486-6426
Ryan International Airways: (800)727-0457
SAS Scandinavian Airlines: (800)221-2350
Saudia Arabian Airlines: (800)472-8342
Scenic Airlines: (800)634-6801
Singapore Airlines: (800)742-3333
South African: (800)722-9675
Southwest Airlines: (800)435-9792
Spanair: (888)545-5757
Spirit Airlines: (800)772-7117
SriLankan: (877)915-2652
Sun Country: (800)359-6786
Suriname Airways: (800)327-6864
SWISS International Air Lines: (877)359-7947
TACA Airlines: (800)535-8780
TAM: (+5511) 3123-1000
TAP Air Portugal: (800)221-7370
Thai Air: (800)426-5204
Turkish Airlines: (800)874-8875
Ukraine Intl Airlines: (800)876-0114
United Airlines: (800)241-6522
US Airways Shuttle: (800)428-4322
US Airways: (800)428-4322
Virgin Atlantic: (800)862-8621

If your airline number is not listed here, please search online or call your local directory.
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